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  1. Murdock: Deflate the Inflation Reduction Act

    August 5, 2022 0

    The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) bears the fingerprints of Democrat senators Chuck Schumer of New York and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Their 725-page ruin…

  2. Missourians, Just Say No to Greitens for Senate

    August 2, 2022 0

    Missouri Republicans can do the entire Grand Old Party a massive favor in today’s U.S. Senate primary: Keep Eric Greitens as far away as possible…

  3. America Aches after 18 months of Biden and the Democrats

    July 14, 2022 1

    Next week will mark one and a half years since Joe Biden became president on January 20, 2021. On July 20, every American should look…

  4. Chicago Mayor Wrestles Self in ‘Civil Discourse’ Showdown

    July 13, 2022 2

    In a match worthy of the old World Wrestling Federation, Windy City Mayor Lori Lightfoot pinned herself to the mat while engaging in self-contradiction over softer…

  5. Deroy Murdock Appears on FBN’s ‘Kudlow’ To Discuss Twitter

    July 12, 2022 0

    Deroy Murdock joins "Kudlow" to discuss the drama surrounding Elon Musk's Twitter fiasco. Watch it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuAadjIinCg

  6. Deroy Murdock Appears on FBN’s ‘Kudlow’ To Discuss Far-Left, Marxist Prosecutors in New York

    July 12, 2022 1

    Deroy Murdock joins Fox Business Network’s "Kudlow" to discuss far-left, Marxist prosecutors in New York and the long-term damage they are inflicting on citizens. Watch…

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