President Donald J. Trump confers with National Security Advisor Robert C. O'Brien, Esq.

As America speeds toward Election Day, supporters of the President of the United States surely are embroiled in conversations and e-mail exchanges with relatives, friends, lovers, and other strangers. Some back the president’s re-election. Others ask in horror, “How could you possibly vote for Donald Trump?” (A quick tell: the president’s fans tend to call him, majestically, “Donald J. Trump.” His foes predictably spit: “Donald Trump.”)

There are many arguments for President Donald J. Trump’s return to the Oval Office. I have boiled them down to five, along with links to relevant articles that I have written this year that bolster each rationale for re-election.

Media Research Center

Please ship this intellectual ammunition to allies and share it with adversaries. The dinosaur media continue a near-total blackout on good news about President Trump. The Media Research Center recently calculated that the Big Three networks’ evening news stories in June and July ran 95 percent negative on Trump. Moreover, Big Tech barons have censored President Trump 65 times. Joe Biden? Zero.

Thus, this article might teach something to the Leftists you love.

Soft Republicans and Never Trumpers need to be reminded that electing vindictive, Big Government socialists to dominate their lives and demolish our beautiful country is too high a price to pay to relieve their allergy to bombast and bright-red ties.

And undecided voters, wherever they are, remain ripe for the picking.

The hour is late.

Stay busy.

Four more years!

Here are the five reasons why President Donald J. Trump has earned a second term in the Oval Office:

First, before COVID-19, Trumponomics delivered record-high prosperity and historically low poverty. And the current rebound argues for continuing the therapeutic benefits of the president’s economic policies.

Second, President Trump’s peace-through-strength philosophy has boosted U.S. national security to heights unseen since Ronald Reagan.

Third, beyond prosperity and peace, Trump has secured a dizzying array of conservative victories across the policy spectrum.

Fourth, “But what about COVID-19?” As this deadly virus continues to menace leaders worldwide, Trump’s response remains robust.

Fifth, “It’s not just about him!” Trump’s personality maddens many. But November 3 is about public policy, not picking a new best friend.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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