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NEW YORK — New York politicians are hovering ravenously over Andrew Cuomo, like vultures circling a mortally wounded stallion. Mocked as Governor Granny-killer, Cuomo’s fellow Democrats attack him for covering up the needless China-virus deaths of fragile seniors.

Cuomo created the toxic disaster that could send him to Sing Sing:

Last March 25, Cuomo’s Department of Health ordered nursing homes (NH) as follows: “No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.”

Despite relentless pleas for China-virus tests, Cuomo further mandated that day: “NHs are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”

Cuomo waited until April 30 — Day 48 of this national emergency — to ban COVID-19-positive personnel from nursing homes.

No lack of hospital capacity explains Cuomo’s edict, even after nursing-home administrators visualized body bags. The Corona-positive elderly could have quarantined in Samaritan Purses’ 68-bed field hospital in Central Park as early as March 28. The 1,000-bed USNS Comfort medical ship and the Javits Convention Center’s 2,910-bed pop-up hospital, both supplied by President Donald J. Trump, opened March 30. 

Long before Cuomo unplugged his deadly decree on May 10, these underused facilities could have treated seniors until they either yielded to or overcame COVID-19. After a fortnight, those no longer contagious could have entered nursing homes without endangering others.

But that made too much sense. So, as these seniors teemed with lethal microbes, Cuomo forced them straight into eldercare facilities. No surprise, COVID-negative residents contracted the virus and perished.

According to Cuomo, these deaths totaled 8,711.

But this number was a lie.

The Associated Press surmised in May that Cuomo’s underreporting whitewashed the devastation of his nursing-home diktat. Cuomo’s fellow Democrats recently confirmed this fact and now target the catastrophically inept governor.

Democrat Attorney General Letitia James swooped down on January 28 and took the first bite out of Cuomo’s hide. Her 76-page report concluded that Cuomo’s nursing-home data “may have been undercounted by as much as 50 percent.”

Cuomo’s death toll excluded seniors who left nursing homes and expired at medical centers. These bogus “hospital fatalities” did not bloody Cuomo’s hands.

Soon after James’ devastating findings, Cuomo’s Health Department finally uncooked the books: COVID-related nursing-home deaths through January 19 totaled 12,743. That’s 46.3 percent higher than the 8,711 that Cuomo previously claimed. 

Team Cuomo also confessed that the 6,327 COVID-19-positive seniors whom they steered from hospitals into eldercare centers excluded 2,729 “readmissions” of infected patients returned to the facilities from whence they came. This tally of 9,056 such individuals is 43.1 percent higher than Cuomo’s phony figure. 

Who cares?” the ice-hearted Cuomo said January 29th. “Died in a hospital. Died in a nursing home. They died.”

As the New York Post reported, Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa told Democrat state lawmakers on a February 10 conference call that Team Cuomo concealed nursing-home deaths because they might reach the Justice Department and “be used against us…”

DeRosa’s smoking-gun sent the buzzards hovering over Gotham and Albany.

State Senator Jessica Ramos (D – Queens) wrote via Twitter that Cuomo’s “emergency powers must be rescinded, he & his admin must be subpoenaed, and a full investigation must result in justice for our grieving families.”

Nine Democrat State Assembly members demanded Tuesday that Cuomo lose his emergency powers to rule by fiat during the COVID crisis. “It is now unambiguously clear that this governor has engaged in an intentional obstruction of justice, as outlined in Title 18, Chapter 73 of the United States Code,” the lawmakers wrote their colleagues. “This is a necessary first step in beginning to right the criminal wrongs of this Governor and his administration.”

Andrew Cuomo immediately should apologize to the families and loved ones of the thousands of seniors whom his utterly boneheaded decisions needlessly exposed to COVID-19. Next, he should resign and be handcuffed.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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1 year ago

Sure apologize, that doesn’t bring anyone back. Prosecute the scumbag.

1 year ago

All talk by democrats. Cuomo will walk free. Just a show for the people. Look we democrats in New York are mad about this. But because China joe told us to knock it off the investigation is dead. Please vote democrats in the next election. That sounds about right. The democrats know how stupid the people in New York City will vote for a Democrat. They know how stupid these people are. Take a look at aoc. They voted that trash back in.

1 year ago

Time to arrest cuomo, and hold him accountable for thousands of elderlies death, when he put sick patients in with healthy, in nursing homes and covered all the deaths.Hero to zero, in a very short time. What a arrogant,narcisistic,evil,pathetic,sociopath, who thinks he can con and bully everyone. if they don’t agree with his lies, See ya cuomo, u just tightened that rope around your neck.

Roland Matheney
1 year ago

Don’t be silly, Murdock. There will be no consequences to these murders. I’m 72 years old, and have been watching the demonrats get away with every crime in the book ever since I was old enough to pay attention. But be of good cheer, because Justice is coming. Every secret will be revealed. Every crime, including, but not limited to, treason, murder, fraud, and lies, will face their consequences.

He fails to note that trump’s inaction against the virus is the cause for millions of persons hospitalized and have a million deaths. Let’s call it the way it is.

1 year ago

When you sober up, think about the asinine lie you just you made ! What a fool you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago


1 year ago

Let me see– this clown says “who cares–die in hospitals or die in nursing homes — they’re dead”, the witch clinton says”what difference does it make” — communists sure do care about the people –don’t they !!!!!

Bama Bill
1 year ago

First “Good News” I have heard in weeks! He did any and everything he could to see that Donald Trump didn’t get any credit! Look back at the “Swine Flu” in 2009. What did the Obama regime do? Not one damn thing! Only declared a “State of Emergency” after 6 months. Then still did nothing. No masks, reporting of cases and deaths, even sold all left over medical equipment. Left the shelves empty for the next medical emergency. I can’t find any statistics about that. Only “An estimated 150 to 350,000 died”.

1 year ago

Just another example of how this “governor” believes he is a royal “emperor”, and above the laws the rest of us “COMMONERS” have to follow.As a New York resident I (and many more law-abiding citizens) are tired of his endless, unconstitutional, “royal decrees”, OPEN ABUSE OF POWER, and the ignoring of his SWORN OATH, the U.S Constitution, and Bill of rights. This tyrannical communist dictator needs to be removed.

1 year ago

He and Hillary might get matching orange jumpsuits eventually, but do not count on it—the D’s are privileged, racist, Bigots, living high due to inside info, using their deranged prez to spread their hatred, but God is the one in charge and He is the only One upon whom we must rely.

tractor man
1 year ago

Cuomo wasn’t about to use the hospital ship supplied by the Trump admin. Shamefully he chose to let people die based purely on hate for Trump.

1 year ago

This arrogant,sick,sexual pervert,narcisis,bullying=sleazebag, needs to be arrested and held accountable for elderly deaths,manslaughter,murder,genicide, to start with. Coverup, and lying the whole dam time,this dirt=bag needs to step down,resign, or be removed for being unfit, to be thegovernor.

Frances Weingarten
1 year ago

One can only hope that Cuoma, this disgusting “granny killer”, gets his just desserts! A long stint in jail might be just the thing needed to assuage the damage he has done!

1 year ago

This egotistical maniac should be charged with manslaughter. HE is “SO DENSE” because he is ” clueless” about ?”WHAT” he has done! He deliberately sent the most vulnerable to their deaths by sending “them” back to nursing homes, so “they” could infect “others”.Too boot , he “fudged” the number of deaths.WHY?? NOTHING but hospitals & $$$! “HE” had a “Comfort Ship, the Javitz Center & “chose” not to use either.! He & Frodo should be jailed for life. BOTH of “them” should be held accountable for “what” they did. THEY LIED…PERIOD! I hope that the “survivors” SUE them for ALL that they”re worth!