Gage Skidmore
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Sue Aills
9 months ago

Was not a rescue for the small businesses or out work employees. It was another infusion of money to the arts, bailout of criminally run states to replenish their retirement coffers, tech oligarchs in Silicon Valley, planned parenthood, big business to take advantage of the taxpayer again, and pet projects like infrastructure that is address only by the city and states never the federal government, build the slush fund for Pelosi her lapdogs and Schumer and his lapdogs and the puppeteer to syphone from approved dollars to be wasted on covering congressional sexual harassment accusations, $191million to the Houties or any other terrorist organization that the puppeteer favors all in the name of humanitarian aid.

As the fools in congress, media talking heads continue to spout ( creating a draw for more welfare recipients to come into the land of milk and honey ) that America is the riches country on earth. I can assure one and all a coffee that is running a NEGATIVE BALANCE OF $1.00 is not rich, strong or reliable.

The America everyone call so rich is IN THE RED


We cannot afford to continue to be the worlds and congresses piggy bank.