Deroy Murdock
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9 months ago

Deroy Murdock & Clay Travis are two SANE people. What is going on? When did the news start putting SANE people on?

9 months ago

Of course everyone needs to get vaccinated. I’m a conservative but I am also intelligent enough to know why we were vaccinated against smallpox and polio. They are both viruses.

9 months ago
Reply to  sweetsuzee

Vaccines for Smallpox and polio were actually vaccines. mRNA is a vaccine in name only, promoted by self promoting bureaucrats and the pharmaceutical industry. Anyone who implies that those who object to the coercion employed by those agencies and industries are less than intelligent, certainly cannot be a conservative nor would they be expected to have understanding of the difference between individual rights and so called government’s responsibilities.

9 months ago
Reply to  sweetsuzee

You’re not conservative if you feel every one should be required to be vaccinated. The “science” is not there to support your belief but hey liberals do science by consensus. 5 years from now when you’ve developed autoimmune disorders look back to the day you got the vaccine.

9 months ago

I find it appalling that airlines, sporting events, etc. feel the need to move out of Georgia because of the state trying to provide for LEGAL voting! Why are they becoming involved in politics? They all should be above that!!

9 months ago

Dumb blacks have attacked the Masters before. They will stand their ground. The thing about the Georgia voting law is the media and Biden have lied about what’s in the bill. They have turned and twisted and then reported their lying interpretation of it. If you are going to fly, don’t use Delta. If you want a drink, don’t buy a Coke product. Don’t watch pro baseball or any pro sport. There are probably less than 120 African- Americans on all mlb’s teams rosters out of 1200. My question is to the 80% Hispanics in Major League Baseball. The media should ask them and put them on the spot about how they feel about what is happening at the border. The Hispanics should be boycotting because of the travesty at the border or do they even care. I bet not. The voting law in Georgia is being politicized by black people that have been planted into the state by the democrats and the deep state. I hope they never make another movie in Georgia. Atlanta is a cesspool and 90% black just like all the other big cities in the US. When you talk about Georgia, don’t, leave The ATL out of it. I wish the political trouble makers in Atlanta would trek down to The Real Georgia I know

9 months ago
Reply to  Big Rob

Now tjhe All Star Game. ALL PROFESSIONAL SPORTS ARE TURNING SOCIALIST. I will never purchase ant sports items or Coke products anymore.

Gene Ralno
9 months ago

Moving the Masters is hoopla stirred by another high school dropout, Alyssa Milano. As she repeatedly demonstrates her ignorance, her image of utter stupidity grows. She should find something useful to do with her life, perhaps go to school.