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Democrat political operative James Carville is losing sleep these days. Blame it on the Wokistanis.

Wokeness is a problem and everyone knows it,” said the man who helped Bill Clinton grab the White House from a largely disengaged G.H.W. Bush in 1992. In an interview published yesterday, Carville told Vox’s Sean Illing: “It’s hard to talk to anybody today — and I talk to lots of people in the Democratic Party — who doesn’t say this. But they don’t want to say it out loud.”

Carville is absolutely correct about Americans whispering their misgivings about the Left. I repeatedly speak with people who criticize everything from political correctness to Joe Biden’s Captain Queeg-like obsession with “systemic racism.” Lately, these folks look both ways and then address these matters in hushed tones. So deep is the fear of being exposed as un-woke and then suffering anything from social opprobrium to assisted career suicide. The fact that such whispers are now being uttered among Leftists confirms just how totalitarian things have become in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

But Carville is on shakier ground when he says that what Democrats suffer is merely a failure to communicate. “We have to speak the way regular people speak, the way voters speak. It ain’t complicated.”

Democrats and the Left are not suffering due to the style of their expression, but because of the substance of their message. It’s not just that the Left busy themselves by pompously “declaring their pronouns,” something normal human beings don’t do. The Left also eschews the fairly new term for Hispanics. “Latinos” no longer is good enough. The Woke mob has moved on to the gender-neutral “Latinx” with an X.

Of course, this is not proper Spanish, where every noun ends with either a masculine o or a feminine a. The x plays no part in this. So, “Latinx” is not even the proper Spanish spoken in Latin America or Spain. Rather this is linguistic colonialism by largely white Leftists who have imposed their cultural boots on the neck of a language that goes back centuries and was doing muy bien, gracias before they showed up.

Shame on the Wokistanis for this cultural diss.

Far worse than words or message is the substance of what the Democrat Left does:

Pushing their “defund the police” program has turned out to be both very unpopular and outright disastrous.

According to the Washington Examiner, recent surveys show that 70 percent of blacks think cops are doing a “very good” or “somewhat good” job. The supposed beneficiaries of police defunding turn out not to like this policy. And why should they? Since major, Democrat-mismanaged cities defunded their cops last year, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, homicide rates have shot up like geysers. Shooting incidents in New York City were up 250 percent last week, year-on-year. Year to date, homicides are up 31 percent in Washington, D.C., 33 percent in Chicago and Philadelphia, and 36 percent in NYC.


The Wokistanis, led by Biden, will not stop harping on “systemic racism.” Never mind the tremendous success of black people in the private and public sectors since Emancipation.

White parents are not crazy about having their grade-school kids screamed at and told that they are racists.

Cancelistas also cost people their jobs for things that they wrote or said as teenagers.

Alexi McCammond wrote some unfortunate things via Twitter at age 17. She erased those comments, apologized for them, and was upfront about them with the publishers of Teen Vogue, who hired her as that magazine’s new editor-in-chief. But that was not good enough. The Wokistanis in Teen Vogue‘s newsroom began gathering sticks and kindling for the bonfire on which they planned to incinerate McCammond. So, she quit before assuming her new duties.

Even worse, if that’s possible, is what befell Curt Boganey. The city manager of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota was “relieved of his duties” after saying that Kimberly Potter, the female cop who allegedly fired a fatal shot at Daunte Wright, was entitled to due process — as are all 330 million people fortunate to call themselves American.

This is terrible substance, not just bad messages.

And if the Democrat Wokistanis keep this up, they will get what they deserve at the polls in 2022 — good and hard.


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4 months ago

the idiocracy rolls on & the only way to stop it is to cull the kleptocrats but we got no morphius

4 months ago

democrats never have to pay

paw paw
4 months ago

Just keep it up I say. Praying for a fatal & total implosion of the Democratic Party!!!!!

4 months ago

I remember a time when we were called racist if we related our misgivings about the Left.

4 months ago

Liberal Democrats don’t have a big problem……THEY ARE A BIG PROBLEM!

4 months ago

What is disturbing to me, Mr. Murdock, is that there are three degrees of this evil: prejudice, bigotry (worse) and racism (worst of all). How curious that the first two have disappeared: the sole buzzword today is RACISM. All fine distinctions are swept away: just follow the Party Line. This indicates to me that we are now in the throes of Orwellian double-speak and that the Thought Police are in full swing. Still, the US is NOT a racist nation.

4 months ago

It all boils down to the demonrats bringing in communism at a fast pace before the ’22 elections. What they don’t know is that President Trump will hold all of them accountable and will send them off to GITMO before the end of the year!!!! HURRAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!

4 months ago

As a non-white female, the only people I find to be racist and sexist are the hateful, corrupt “woke” people on the left who want to cancel everyone for being racist. It’s time we cancel the woke crowd. They are the problem.

4 months ago

I remember reading in high school American history about the Salem “witch hunts” and those accused being burned at the stake. I wondered incredulously,
“How could such hysteria run rampaged through a society?”
These (mostly single women) were not witches practicing witchcraft, but they were murdered! Victims of hysteria!
This year of Covid, lockdowns, fast-track lethal non-vaccines have created hysteria. The Constitution and laws of the land trashed and bypassed justified by a tyrannical government and mass hysteria. I now understand the Delusional morbid mass hysteria of the Salem witch hunts and murders.