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Democrats love to claim that Republicans use racist “dog whistles.” But Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D – Chicago) is barking like one of those German Shepherds that Democrat National Committeeman and Commissioner of Public Safety Bull Connor sicced on black civil rights activists in Birmingham, Alabama, in the early 1960s. One must go that far back, into the Jim Crow era, to find a public official as openly racist as the Windy City’s top government leader.

Like a female George Wallace of color, Lightfoot denounced Chicago’s press corps for its “overwhelming whiteness and maleness.” Even worse, and astonishingly, she announced that she would ban white journalists from interviewing her, one on one.

This is pure, unfiltered bigotry.

Lightfoot’s policy also is an undisputed violation of every civil rights statute — local, state, and federal — that clearly prohibits the government from discriminating against citizens on the basis of skin color. This is precisely and explicitly what Mayor Lightfoot is doing.

She also is creating racial division where none should exist.

If a black journalist interviews Lightfoot, this almost certainly will breed jealousy and resentment among that journalist’s white colleagues. And not just the usual professional envy and rivalry, but those same feelings amid the added flames of racial resentment.

How does this help anyone?

Imagine if President Donald J. Trump declared that he would grant one-on-one interviews only to white journalists. America’s streets would be clogged with protesters. Statues would be flying from pedestals. And House Democrats would be plotting their third impeachment.

Also, Lightfoot essentially is complaining about the house paint being too white, even as the entire residence burns to the ground.

The most egregious crimes are exploding in Chicago, year-on-year:

Criminal sexual assault: Up 12 percent.

Murder: Up 22 percent.

Shooting incidents: Up 33 percent.

Rather than a war on white journalists, Mayor Lightfoot should declare war on criminals. And, immediately afterward, Lori Lightfoot should resign for her blatant, vile, un-American act of 200-proof racism.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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4 months ago

What a racist mayor, she should be removed from office, spewing that racist crap.

4 months ago
Reply to  Joe

Instead of banning white journalists for no good reason other than her rampant racism, she should be doing something, ANYTHING, about all the black on black crime/murders in her city. Where the heck is John Daly the First when you need him?

4 months ago

Until we charge people like her as racists and ignoring our no discrimination laws and removing those radicals in government we will continue to hate each other for their color.

Lee C
4 months ago

I saw a picture of her wife….,she looks White to me.

4 months ago
Reply to  Lee C

Lesbians are usually man haters and white men just happen to be under the microscope

John Kilgalen
4 months ago
Reply to  Lee C

But she’s not a reporter

Sharon Lauzon-Chesher
4 months ago

I can’t imagine any person, black, white, brown or yellow being “jealous” of interviewing mayor lightfoot!!! Maybe that’s why she said it,..she wants people to think she is important and has something to say!?!!

4 months ago

You should know by now HOW DERANGED entities think/operate, she just “wished” that she would have the CHEERFUL support, and that includes biden/harris and their cronies altogether, that President Trump has, still has, and always had…….!!!!!!!

4 months ago

Wonder how much adrenal to make adrenochrome is harvested from the bodies of the dead blacks in Chicago – Adrenalin production is in hyper mode when your in a gun fight. There are more black babies aborted in NYC than there are black babies born.

4 months ago

I don’t think that anyone who evaluates Democrat politicians action can doubt that it the political party of racism. Almost everything they do has an element of racism in it. They they spend most of their time PROJECTING this racism to the other political party.

If you have even a modicum of intelligence you can see it. If you don’t have a modicum of intelligence then you really are a liberal Democrat. There is no use wasting time trying to educate you.

4 months ago

It sounds to me like Ms. Lightfoot is trying to deflect from the horrendous number of black-on-black murders occurring in her jurisdiction. It is indeed sad that so many innocent lives are lost for no apparent reason. She could be a guiding light rather than spewing racism.

4 months ago

If all White American people are “racists, why has not one of the cheater criminal Democrat Party Mob white leadership resigned their national Democratic political party positions due to their obvious racism”???? How about not accepting white Democratic voters who voted for their white racist leadership???? What a “BUNCH OF LYING HYPOCRITES???????????????????????????/

4 months ago

to me the press deserves it!now what do they have to complain about?after going after trump everyday now they see the side of an idiot racist failure!but i have no sympathy for the people there as they keep voting these failures into office!

4 months ago

What can you expect from that thing? Whoever tipped the test tube and released the virus called Lightfoot, should be hung along with the virus. How does IT get away with discrimination supporting BLACKS, and damns anyone else, Indian, White, yellow, or others. This ugly queer needs to GO TO A GALAXI, FAR FAR AWAY.

General Patton
4 months ago

This woman looks like a low IQ moron, what a walking dimwit!

Cactus Cookie
4 months ago

Wow. Wonder what will be let loose, if it was a white mayor who said that. Seems like anything a woman of color will say is now acceptable. No way.

4 months ago

All dems are racists joKe said the N word within 30 days in office should be expelled and impeached…

4 months ago

Lightfoot is actually a lighthead. I think I’d love to christen her ‘whitefoot’ or ‘whitehead.’

Anthony Orlanda
4 months ago

Lock that CRACK BABY UP.