Deroy Murdock appears on "Fox News Primetime" to duscuss Hunter Biden's racism.

Deroy Murdock appears on “Fox News Primetime” to discuss Hunter Biden’s racism. The lack of coverage from the mainstream media is deafening and Murdock gives his take on it.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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1 year ago

If, or when, Trump made even just an error in grammar the leftist news media treated it as if he had
just killed a dozen black children barehanded. Hunter Biden has a field day with the ‘N’ word and
not a peep out of the leftist media. This is not only biased, it’s incompetence in truthful, accurate
reporting. Unfortunately, for “Freedom of the Press”, it has become the norm for far too many in the main stream media. The cool aid drinkers don’t really know what is happening.

1 year ago

It’s time to see the Bidens for what they are and to stop ignoring it and sweeping it all under the rug for hate of Trump. The Left is making it’s own terrible history and a time will soon come when there will be a point of no return. America will stand for just so much.

1 year ago

Mr. Murdock, your exposes are consistently spot-on, right on the mark. Thank you for your courage and candor. May I join your fan club?

1 year ago

The sanctimonious left is hell bent for cancel culture but ignoring the Biden Crime Family and the millions of dollars in bribes taken from China and the Ukraine. What hypocrites, willfully blind and morally bankrupt. At this moment there are recounts of illegal votes and the exposure of rigged dominion voting machines used by Democrats in the 2020 election.. . Will the press finally admit the election was stolen or will they go down with the ship. Not to worry. America needs new blood in the information system. New blood, honesty, American blood. Fair and balanced was good while it worked.