Screenshot via Voice Of America

Deroy Murdock joins Gregg Jarrett to discuss the Democrats’ push for Critical Race Theory. Listen below for Deroy’s insights!

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Peter Smith
2 months ago

The critical race theory is garbage. But then do is the BLM movement, wokism, and the entire liberal ideology

2 months ago

CRT advocates are using the mass of resentment and jealousy of the differences between the long term achievements of whites in history of invention, exploration, etc. This is why they are rejecting mathematics, spelling, and anything where a person may demonstrate correctness vs error.

2 months ago

It is so very easy to destroy the CRT because the fact that it is a “theory” gives it away! THEORIES ARE NOT FACTS!

BUT, here is another way to explain it! The reason our Nation was founded by white men is because in 1776 there were no educated Blacks and the only Blacks in the colonies were slaves and/or liberated Blacks, Free Blacks. The majority of Blacks were still in Africa chasing their meals with spears — not in the Americas! So, of course, America was founded by educated White men. THAT IS THE COLD HARD FACTS!

So being educated Whites, they established laws and our U.S. Constitution according to the lifestyles of the pioneers and colonies.

If there were only educated Blacks in the Americas, the laws, etc would be written for them and not Whites or any other races. BUT it was not Blacks who founded our Nation but Educated, White men so our laws were created for the majority White population!

Here’s a question for you: if Blacks have been in this country since our inception, why has it taken them this long to try to change things in their lives?
Several decades ago I went to college with several good friends, Blacks who were smart and eager to learn! We had similar dreams and ambitions, then the Drug Cartels brought in drugs from South America and many Blacks could make more $$ in the Drug trade…and they did! No more college, no more education, just lots of money, drugs and girls. When the drugs spread to the Projects, more young Blacks forgot even graduating from high school much less College. Ignorance, drugs, abuse was rampant in their own neighborhoods. Black on Black crime was up 200% and when the police stepped in, it gave the Blacks a group to blame all their own failures on.

THERE IS NO CRITICAL RACE THEORY, just another excuse for Black democrats to blame someone else for their very own FAILURES! To this day, democrats still use the ignorant Black race as a tool to disrupt and cause racial upheaval in our Country!

But it is time this STOPS and the Blacks realize that democrats will NEVER HELP THEM BE SUCCESSFUL! Why? Because then the dems can no longer “USE THEM AS TOOLS TO DO THE DIRTY WORK FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!”!

Jeff Bagwell
1 month ago
Reply to  Micala

An excellent analogy of the truth. And these wise Founding Fathers of this nation sought guidance from the Bible. It is not by chance that this great nation, founded by White Christian men, has been blessed more than any other nation in recorded history. But satanic evil has been allowed to grow ever stronger over the last several decades and reminds me of a verse in Proverbs wherein it states, When Leaders become corrupt, crime is rampant. WE have wasted probably a trillion or more dollars since the mid-1960s for Black Supremacy and programs and favoritism ins schools, sports, military, police, and fire departments. And yet they cause over 50% of the crime. Almost exclusively it is black-on-white crime and is responsible for a myriad of societal ills. Fortunately, there are millions of Good Americans who are black and understand how fortunate they are to be in this great nation. Thank you.

2 months ago

I really think there will be a lot of trouble !!! DAMOCRAPS and their laws can take a slow ride to hell. There will be more trouble than they think.

2 months ago

Findings scared Obama is behind CRT do not let anyone deny this or say a conspiracy theory it was investigated.

2 months ago

Everyone needs to hear this. Demon-crats are telling Black Americans you can not make it so DO NOT TRY. Look around there are many Blacks that have made it big, so DO NOT LET DEMON-crats HOLD YOU BACK. This is American ANYONE CAN MAKE IT.

2 months ago

We are all created equal and I won’t stand for this crap from the DemocRats. There are many successful people from all races, Black people have made a difference in our society and they will continue. This is divisionary tactic and I say to hell with you Bidens, Obamas,, Clintons and Soros!

1 month ago

Murdock isn’t even an American. Doesn’t that matter?
Should a Frenchman discuss CRT?

tommy ray snowden
1 month ago
Reply to  NAN OBER

Murdock is telling the truth and like most liberals do, you go and start being critical of this person instead of truthfully studying CRT for what it really is which is only a theory!!! This theory is only something else to divide our young children from each other blacks and whites. Educated white men were the only real educated colony men available to found our country and they did the best they could in a new world, to establish a constitution for all people not perfect. And slowly as a country we have moved forward to get freedom and rights for everyone. Amen.