Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas is greeted by U.S. Border Patrol RGV Chief Brian S. Hastings as they prepare to lead a delegation of Congressional representatives on a tour of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Donna Processing Facility in Donna, Texas, May 7, 2021.

NEW YORKFrom immigration to crime, energy, and beyond, Democrats have the Midas touch in reverse: Everything they handle turns to manure. 

Can the Left get anything right?

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas repeatedly has claimed that “the border is closed.” Regarding the illegal-alien surge through Mexico, “we have seen extreme progress over these last few months,” Vice President Kamala Harris insisted on June 25.


If “extreme progress” is an invading army of Future Democrats of America, then, yes. Things are boffo.

Customs and Border Protection encountered 188,829 illegal aliens on the southern frontier in June, versus 33,049 a year earlier — up 471.4 percent since President Donald J. Trump’s tenure. On President Joe Biden’s watch, such apprehensions soared 469.2 percent between February and June 2021.

As Fox News’ industrious Bill Melugin reported Monday from Del Rio, Texas, uninvited illegals reach the border and demand admission. Some 300 or so banged on a steel gate and, slowly but surely, entered America. Those who patiently wait worldwide for visas and others — already here — who navigate the federal naturalization Skinner box should be revolted.

Even worse, as Melugin discovered, illegals arrive from nations with poor-to-dismal COVID-19 vaccination rates. While America is 49.3 percent fully inoculated, according to Reuters, Melugin interviewed freshly admitted illegals from Brazil, which is 17 percent vaccinated, Ghana (1.3 percent), and Haiti (less than 0.1 percent). In July’s first half, 135 illegals at the border’s Rio Grande Valley sector tested positive for COVID-19. Compared to the previous 14 months, this figure rocketed 900 percent. As the delta variant blows new wind beneath COVID’s wings, this is how “the pandemic president” protects his fellow Americans?

The Left’s “Defund the police!” battle cry of summer 2020 has yielded an endless winter of chaos and bloodshed. Rampant shoplifting, assault, shootings, and murders plague Democrat-mismanaged cities. “Bail reform” catapults criminals back onto the streets with dizzying speed. Rather than jail criminals, far-Left PINOs — George-Soros-funded Prosecutors in Name Only — such as Chicago’s Kim Foxx, San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin, and Los Angeles’ George Gascon wave their social-justice pompoms on behalf of “oppressed” criminals.

President Trump’s hard-won energy independence is going dark. Biden’s brutal cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, his ghastly greenlight for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline to Germany, and his strangulation of domestic petroleum production all have left America and Europe more dependent on foreign energy suppliers, some of whom hate us. This also has helped hike West Texas Intermediate petroleum from $53 to $72 per barrel under the Biden-Democrat Left — up 36 percent.

Inflation, as 1970s as Studio 54, is back on the dance floor. Fear not! Biden proposes to fight higher prices with…even more robust federal outlays. Biden says that this will “take the pressure off of inflation” which hit 5.4 percent in June, year-on-year.

Texas Democrats already have earned 2021’s Nobel Prize for Boneheaded Political Gaffes. Several Lone Star State lawmakers fled Austin, to deny Republicans the quorum needed to adopt election-integrity legislation. These “parliamentarians of the people” then eschewed commercial aviation and, like the billionaires they hate, took a private jet to Washington. Unlike average Americans, they escaped the discomfort and indignity of purely theatrical federal in-flight mask mandates. 

These Texas twits then created a COVID-19 super-spreader event on the national stage. After slamming GOP efforts to combat Democrat vote fraud, at least six Texas Democrats, a member of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s staff, and a White House aide all tested positive for C-19. This pathetic stunt could not have gone worse.

Moreover, if Republicans must abandon the U.S. Senate floor, to deny Democrats a quorum and doom the election-fraud-enabling H.R.1/S.1, the dinosaur media will roar: “The GOP killed democracy!” Republicans then should play non-stop video of Texas Democrats’ COVID-tainted catastrophe and ask: “Who do you think gave us this idea?” 

These and countless other public-policy belly-flops prove that the Left cannot be trusted with anything beyond Broadway, if that.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research. Bucknell University’s Michael Malarkey contributed research to this opinion piece.

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Janice D
1 month ago

Sums up many major points – all unanswered by Dems, and shrunk away from by many Republicans.

1 month ago

If republicans pulled a stunt like this the leftist elites would scream their heads off. Now everyone of these vaccinated morons have brought a new strain of covid to the White House. I suppose it’s not nice to hope that they infect Biden, Harris, and Pelosi.

1 month ago
Reply to  Marlene

It would depend on what order they conked out – Pig-lousi first, then COMMIE-lah and last, China Joke Bidet – then we take our chances on Patrick Leahy – if he’s still breathing at the time…..

James Richards
1 month ago

Democrats All Need to DIE!

Kurt hanssen
1 month ago
Reply to  James Richards

The Deep State, Those that Rule, Control, and tell their bribed puppets what to do. Big Banks, Jew cartels, Big Pharma, Jew Cartels, the Social media, the MSM, Paper news, all Jews. The IRS, and the Feds, Jew Cartels, The Bildenberger, Jew Cartels, The Rothschild’s, Jews, the Rockefeller’s. Jews, The Dorfman’s, Carnegie, Bill Gates, Zukerberg, all a part of the NWO. The New World Order. The Jews want to rule the World. They Rule the US, the EU, The UN, FN, The CIA, the FBI. Etc, Etc.

1 month ago
Reply to  Kurt hanssen

The Jews are a minority in the USA– they represent 2% of the total population. They are way over represented in the Senate, Congress and Federal employment. They are but 2% of us but they control 70% of all wealth in the USA. They also commit 70% of ALL WHITE COLLAR CRIME. Many conducted the 3 Trump impeachments that failed. Many in our congress and senate embrace Communism and wish to see that ideology eliminate Capitalism and personal freedoms. Once the Constitution and the Bill of Rights has been replaced with Communism–It’s over for the USA forever.

1 month ago

If Republicans don’t soon stand up against the DemoMarxist takeover they will no longer stand for resistance and cease to exist. Some think this is a battle against conservatives and liberals. It’s is that to a lesser degree, however, it’s become a battle against the Elite and the working class. If the Democrats can destroy the middle class by the overwhelming breach of our borders by an under educated working class majority from foreign countries who do not speak our language and have been promised subsidies by the government they will have created an overwhelming working class who vote liberal and destroyed the American middle class who voted conservative. America will be an unarmed one party country ruled by the Elite, social media, a complicit hard core press and a well paid woke military. These conditions already exist in Russia, China, Britain, Venezuela and Cuba. Property ownership will be nonexistant, as in socialist countries. Hospitalization will be free along with education, but both will be substandard. Careful what you wish for liberals. If you have a long life ahead of you it could seem a lot longer with masters instead of leaders.

1 month ago

I think a majority of dems have mental issues.

1 month ago

This is all done on purpose..the aim is to destroy do away with the Constitution and the Bill of turn our nation over to communism..these are the true domestic enemies of our nation…the demo-crats..they are demolishing our history,heritage and culture at record pace.

1 month ago

“These and countless other public-policy belly-flops prove that the Left cannot be trusted with anything beyond Broadway, if that.”

Uhh…not to put too fine a point on it, but…some of us have been saying that – and watching it fall on deaf ears – for about 50 years, now.

Robin Walter Boyd
1 month ago

The Progressive Left is accomplishing exactly what they are intending to accomplish; dividing the nation in order to more easily control the masses under a fascist, Socialist regime.

Kurt hanssen
1 month ago

Thanks to the Lef, the DemonRats the Deep State, they are Out to Destroy The US., and the People with their Poisonous Cocktail they call ” Vaccine ” The Only Place where You will find Live Covid Virus is in the Vaccine, and in those they have Vaxxed. And the Good News is, There is NO.! Delta Stand, Only a part of putting more fear in people to make them take that deadly Jab.!

1 month ago

Why should the Demomarxists ever get anything right?.. Mostly what they do is enrich their political class and screw over the citizen taxpayers. They are stealing the future of the citizens of the USA by flooding the USA with a dependent class of illiterates who are carrying many diseases foreign to the USA but common in their home Country. Drugs are pouring into the USA which will provide overdose deaths to many of our young. We know Joe is senile and demented and many physicians are shouting and screaming for something to be done.. It seems that Joe’s political choice for a Vice President is not even a natural citizen of the USA.. and was educated during all of her formative years in Canada a Socialist country. Now we find she mistreats her staff and hangs up on people so she is not suited to become President or we will have a repeat of Joe with her mental instability.Joe has started hyperinflation which usually indicates that the USA monetary system has begun the beginning of the end for the USA to remain a Super Power.. Joe is in the back pockets of the Communist Russians and the Communist Chinese. Buckle up as it is going to be the roughest of times in the USA..

1 month ago

Biden and Harris haven’t got a clue and don’t care.