Black Lives Matter - Century City Protest - June 6, 2020 via Wikimedia Commons

Crime is skyrocketing in American cities, especially those run by Democrats. Deroy Murdock sees through the propaganda and joins Fox News’ Martha MacCallum to discuss this spike.


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1 year ago

And bill deblasio’s “solution” is to create laws forcing liability on gun manufacturers for third person criminal activity. Ya just can’t make up stuff like that! What a dip.

1 year ago

Deblasio of course he would want to blame the manufacturs because he is not smart enough to think of anything else. I wish some one would club every one that has said blame the makers. And these IDIOTS don’t UNDERSTAND they may not not even be here is it wasn’t for a gun to start with . but these brown nosers trying to build brownie points to win a election need to realize how damn stupid they sound. When blaming someone other than tbose idiots that shooting each other. And themselves. Ues politician’s DAMOCRAPS ARE the one most single fault of most crimes . because they take and waist tax payer money instead of man more jobs these people can get stop the poverty in USA . before you worry about blowing out tax dollars across the ocean. You get home happy then you worry about “”””SOME OF. “”” The other crap . AND not funding abortions in other countries. And paying other countries to invade our country. The ignorant commie that that was stupid enough to open the boarder. He and his clan should get not only their butts kicked but put in prison and why they are not tbere already dumbfounds the hell out OF me. I thought there was actually a limit to ignorance all it took was to see a commie take over the WHITEHOUSE. And all involved better and up in prison where they belong and in front of a firing squad. For the crimes ans rhe hell they have put people THROUGH they deserve every bit of it .

Ocala Dick
1 year ago

Its too bad these victims weren’t carrying! Of course, they could only shoot 7 because the libs don’t think you need more than 7 rounds in the clip. You people that live up there are screwed. Get the H out of New York – California falls right after/before you.

Walter Goddard
1 year ago

Did anyone ask Sen Boxer, if she wants to defund the Police and release criminals?

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Free Felons
Hire Leftists local DAs
Defund Police
Take away citizens to defend selves
= More Crime
& No punishment given for crimes