Temporary processing facilities in Donna, Texas, safely processes family units and unaccompanied alien children (UACs) encountered and in the custody of the U.S. Border Patrol March 17, 2021.

NEW YORK — President Joe Biden is the root cause of today’s COVID-19 superspreader extravaganza on the southern frontier. His come-and-get-it, no-borders policy offers a laurel and hearty welcome to COVID-infected illegal aliens. Biden’s red carpet for COVID carriers on the US-Mexico boundary — atop his mandatory vaccines for U.S. military personnel and vaccination papers for lawful foreign visitors — epitomizes hypocrisy, reckless endangerment, and quite likely negligent homicide.

Mayor Javier Villalobos (R – McAllen, Texas) issued a Declaration of Local Disaster on Monday. According to a municipal-government statement published Wednesday: “Since mid-February of 2021, there have been over 7,000 confirmed COVID-19 positive immigrants released into the city of McAllen by CBP [Customs and Border Protection], including over 1,500 new cases in the past seven days.”

Also, 135 illegals in CBP’s Rio Grande Valley sector tested positive for COVID-19 in July’s first half, up 900 percent versus the previous 14 months.

Patrons at a Whataburger restaurant in La Joya, Texas, fretted on July 26 when several other diners coughed, sneezed, and failed to wear masks. According to police, these migrants said they were caught by the Border Patrol, released, and tested positive for COVID.

“No one told the police department that these people were here,” La Joya Police Sergeant Manuel Casas complained. These and other illegals were guests of Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley and were housed at La Joya’s Texas Inn & Suites. Sergeant Casas told Fox News: “The information we have is that everyone that is staying in that hotel is COVID-19 positive because it’s being rented out for them.”

Border Patrol union leader Chris Cabrera said July 31 on Cavuto Live: “We are releasing people out the door — day in, day out — with actual positive tests for COVID, and more just keep popping up.”

Catholic Charities and other private outfits largely conduct COVID tests on illegals, such as they occur.

Statistics confirm that COVID is more common and less inoculated against in countries whose people are busiest busting through the border.

In America, as of Friday, there were 30 new C-19 infections reported daily per 100,000 people. Among the top-five nations whose citizens the Border Patrol has encountered since October:

Mexico — 85

-Honduras — 102

-Guatemala — 107

-El Salvador — 26

-Ecuador — 40

Reuters reports that 50.3 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID. Elsewhere?

-Mexico — 26.7 percent

-Honduras — 9.8 percent

-Guatemala — 6.9 percent

-El Salvador — 34.7 percent

-Ecuador — 33.8 percent

COVID tests are running 7.1 percent positive in America.

-Mexico — 35.5 percent

-Guatemala — 19.6 percent

What about the other eight of 10 top nationalities encountered at the US-Mexico border? Our World in Data, associated with Oxford University, lacks such current information.

Social distancing is a distant memory for today’s invading army of illegal aliens. They are being stacked in stash houses, packed in tractor trailers, and backed into federal facilities, sometimes at 600 percent of capacity.

COVID-positive illegals rarely are quarantined. Instead, they enjoy taxpayer-funded bus and airplane rides to cities across America. They reach their destinations after Team Biden neither asks permission of nor even notifies relevant state and local officials. 

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 takes a far-back seat to Biden’s No. 1 priority: Inviting as many Future Democrats of America to breach the border and, later or sooner, vote for Left-wing candidates and causes.

“This is a guy who ran for president saying he was going to shut down the virus,” Governor Ron DeSantis (R – Florida) said Wednesday. “And what has he done? He’s imported more virus from around the world by having a wide open southern border.”

“Why don’t you do your job?” DeSantis demanded of Biden. “Why don’t you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t wanna hear a blip about COVID from you.” 

COVID-19 is an invisible foreign enemy at war with America. Joe Biden’s superspreader border policies are giving this deadly virus aid and comfort. 

The President of the United States is guilty of bio-treason.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research. Bucknell University’s Michael Malarkey contributed research to this opinion piece.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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carrol hoel
1 month ago

Want to know why covid 19 comes from ,look to our commander in chief, He is promoting it then He complains than someone else is to blame. BS.

Patsy Lopez de-Victoria
1 month ago

Why can’t the American people impeach him and all the other people in his staff for treason? I don’t understand how they did to Donald Trump and they can’t impeach this piece of fowl animal out of office. What is wrong with this country? Fight like you have never fought before.

1 month ago

do it NOW

1 month ago

I hate to say this because I’m a big Trump supporter. The main reason so many people don’t want to vote Republican is because they hate Trump not only because they hated his tweets. We need to keep the push for the Trump but publicly push for the Republicans. I bet the will start looking at the issues instead of ignoring them only because there focus on hating anything Trump. There to ignorant of the facts. They no longer see that it’s two Parties they see it as dems vs Trump only.

1 month ago

Why does Biden and those involved with this with illegals not have to be prosecuted. They have created Treason They are infecting us with more covid and bringing in so many drugs that Biden isnt caring for us Americans. A fraud election, mishandling by defunding the police for our safety but his members think there worth more than us and spend our taxpayers money on there own police force. Threatening to take away our guns, threatening and silencing people and on and on. Where is his unity he said he was going tod do. He just wants division so no one talks to each other. Give me one thi g good hes done. I cant think of any. 😢

1 month ago
Reply to  Cat

Do you think it is possible that Traitor Joe is hoping to keep COVID19 going until after the mid term elections coming up soon? He can then decree that the vote will be all mail ins.

1 month ago

Biden/Harris Administration is Killing America!!! Get rid of this insanity before we are completely destroyed!! NOW, Any means availability!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Kbar

Don’t you think the REAL WINNER of the 2020 election should be installed in the Oval office?

23 days ago
Reply to  Libra

We can only hope and pray the results of the voter audits tell us the TRUE winner and I do not think a basement dweller who could not get even 2 dozen Dummiecrats to come listen to his drivel won the 2020 election. Biden has darn near wrecked the USA what with Nanny and Chuckie their Trillions of dollars of wasteful projects etc. etc. Today was the final nail in the coffin with the Terror bombing and deaths of 12 Marines and one Navy Medic .It is way beyond time to restore the REAL WINNER of the 2020 election to the presidency.

1 month ago

He has treated the American people like garbage it’s time the American people impeach him an Harris They have created havoc in our country

1 month ago
Reply to  Elaine

Impeach Pelosi too.

1 month ago

Face facts, the present occupant of the White House is just a false face for the swamp. I don’t think he is even aware of what is going on, and no one is going to tell him. He is told what to say and drilled on it till he can repeat it. The leftist elites are about done with him, and Harris will be the new false face untill Pelosi gets rid of her too. Then we will have queen Pelosi. Hopefully the republicans will have the house by then and Pelosi will be gone too. I wonder who is next in line.

1 month ago

How is this BAFOON still in office after all the stuff he has done to DEMEAN THE AMERICAN POPULATION…..What is going on here in the US of A. This is No President for and of the American People He is a Trader to every American That Walks The Earth…..God Help Us All

James Burggraaf
1 month ago
Reply to  Dennis

You have to know this whole complete stupid people called Democrats are hell bent on getting rid of all Republicans and any one that has a brain. By belittling them into submission or breaking them with lawyer fees . I have lived 76 years and these people don’t know up from down! They are complete crazy criminals. As for Pelosi (she or it )is the ringleader with the Devil horns and foul putrid mouth. I have tried to say something nice this is the best I could do.

1 month ago

I’m betting if this country had a vote TODAY. Biden an his crew would be out on his ass. He never won the first time. But after what he has done to our country as fAr as illegals. Jobs Economy an the rest of his stupid executive orders that undid all the good that was done by previous president. I’m sure that even democrats would vote a different way. Like president Trump or not. We were not being swarmed by illegals that are bringing our covid back to life in this country. We had gotten it under control an with the vaccine that President Trump got done we should be in great shape. Noooooo. This idiot takes office. Opens borders. An what happens . This whole gang needs to be impeached

1 month ago

He and the other Dems talk out of both sides of their mouth. One side is to “protect and do anything for ILLEGALS” and the other side is to NOT do anything for U.S. citizens — a/k/a border towns!!! Impeachment sounds so good to me on any/every Democrat who can be impeached!!! They are all crooked and do NOT care about WE THE PEOPLE. They seem to forget WHO PAYS THEIR SALARY so they need to get their act together!!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Pedge12

Traitor Joe will never be impeached as long as Mitch and Chuckie run the Senate.. Demomarxists in charge and they need 51 senate votes t impeach. As an exercise –it would be a good thing to do and at least he would go into history as being impeached and highly corrupt and a disgrace to the Republic and the one president who wrecked the monetary system of teh USA and left the USA with the worst credit rating in the history of the USA.

1 month ago

Impeach Biden and the entire Democratic party!

1 month ago

Cuomo is the sacrificing lamb to cover up the election steal being exposed at fr anks peech com

1 month ago

This thing named Biden needs to be taken out of office immediately and the borders shut down until further notice. Get these illegal freeloaders out of our country now. Game time is over.

1 month ago

Bring in the big C-Class military cargo planes and ship the illegals back to where they came from