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NEW YORK — Will President Joe Biden’s matching calamities — in Afghanistan and at the US-Mexico border — merge into the mother of all epic fails? Cross your fingers, cross your toes, and hope otherwise.

Biden inherited from President Donald J. Trump a tough, terrorist-shredding nation at peace, through strength. Seven months later, Biden’s breathtakingly bungled Afghan retreat has imperiled some 15,000 Americans now trying to slip the Taliban’s toxic grip on Kabul Airport. Biden’s feeble, aloof fumbles have shriveled America into a paper kitten.

Meanwhile, “the Taliban has released thousands of prisoners from detention facilities, including the Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul and at Bagram Air Base,” congressmen John Katko of New York, Texas’ Michael McCaul, and Alabama’s Mike Rogers wrote National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Tuesday. The ranking Republicans on, respectively, the U.S. House committees on Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs, and Armed Service added: “Prisoners reported to have been held in these detention facilities include thousands of Taliban fighters, senior Al-Qaeda operatives, Islamic State Afghanistan (ISKP) members, and former
Guantanamo Bay detainees — all of whom pose serious concern to the security of the United States.”

Hard facts on this matter are elusive: Relevant documents tend to be secret. If declassified, they are heavily redacted or maddeningly dated.

Also, critics such as investigative journalist Andy Worthington argue that bitter rivals falsely accused some inmates, while innocents got vacuumed into custody with the guilty. Still, available details about these just-liberated terrorists and suspects should keep Americans sleepless in Seattle — and beyond.

-Mohammed Amin al-Bakriis a Yemeni captured in Thailand. A U.S. Detainee Review Board urged his incarceration as an “Enduring Security Threat.”

-Abu Ikhlas al-Masri of Egypt was “al Qaeda’s operations chief for Kunar province,” The Long War Journal reports. 

-Gulam Rabbani Abu Bakr, according to the UK’s Birmingham Post, led the al-Qaeda-tied Hizb-e-Islami Gulbeddin and is “believed to have been behind a series of car bombings in Kabul.”

-Irek Hamidullan, a Russian Tatar Muslim, practiced jihad in Chechnya before allegedly supporting multiple attacks in Afghanistan that injured and killed American GIs.

-Abdul Jabbar, per The State of the Taliban, is the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan’s “Deputy Commander Kunduz Province.” 

-Fazel Karim allegedly helped kidnap and behead the Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Pearl.

-Haji Pacha Wazir reportedly laundered millions of dollars, pro bono al-Qaeda.

British Army Gurkhas caught Malang Zafar after he tried to ram them with a truck. This “chief of operations” for an Islamofascist terror group is suspected of masterminding a bus-bomb attack that murdered four German soldiers.

These could be distant distractions, notwithstanding that al-Qaeda hatched and nurtured the September 11 conspiracy while guests of the Taliban. But the now-freed boys of Bagram are a clear and present danger to America, thanks to the president’s other mega-catastrophe: Biden has transformed Trump’s largely controlled southern frontier into an immigration superhighway. Illegal aliens are racing through gaps in the wall whose construction Biden ordered stopped on Day One of his tenure. Things have rocketed downhill since.

Last month, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered 212,672 illegal aliens at the southwest boundary — a 21-year high — up 419.6 percent versus July 2020. Since February, 1,035,352 illegals were nabbed at the US-Mexico line — up 458.2 percent versus a year ago, under Trump. CBP officers have been shot at from Mexico in four separate incidents since August 6 — two each near El Paso and San Diego.

Afghanistan’s freshly sprung jihadists likely are prowling Priceline for cheap flights to Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali, and Nuevo Laredo. With nearly 200,000 illegals cha-cha-cha-ing into America every month since March, why not race to the Rio Grande and join the conga line? And, if they can slaughter infidels to boot, then, indeed, Allah is merciful.

Rep. Katko warns: “President Biden’s botched foreign policy agenda and open-border policies have created a perfect storm that will put impending threats at the doorstep of our homeland just weeks away from the anniversary of September 11th.”

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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29 days ago

Have been saying since Biden took over. That the Southern border was an open door for terrorists. Now politicians are admitting this along with msm. The border wall needs completion and illegals deported or imprisoned until deported.

29 days ago
Reply to  policestate

Yes, though understated. And now they have our own planes to fly them over.

Ryberg Thomas
21 days ago
Reply to  policestate

And now Afghans continue the cycle. How many more ways can Joe damage our national security?

29 days ago

After years of enjoying spending both our taxes and inflated printed money, it’s no surprise that our leaders are sleepily sated with pride, laziness and too much food. The wake up call that’s obviously (to us everyday, ordinary taxpayers, anyway) coming will have to shock them into waking up and fighting back, provided they live through it. May God save us because our government isn’t up to that task.


29 days ago

Yet theres still those brain dead demo’s that dont see this. We are a mess with Bidens screw ups

robert mcdermott
29 days ago

Biden has done more damage to this country then Benedict Arnold could have ever dreamed of.

Betty Rickmond
29 days ago

It makes me sick to see the pictures of the
Taliban holding the firearms and driving the vehicles our military just abandoned when they were ordered to evacuate before the US citizens and the Afghanistans who risked their lives to
help our troops. The Veterans have a right to
be bitter, as do the Gold Star Families. I pray
for all who are still remaining in Afghanistan.

28 days ago

We do NOT have a president, we have a public false face that is controlled by swamp dwelling creatures that hide from the light. America is doomed to communist takeover by these same disgusting creatures.

28 days ago

It’s not just Biden, it’s it’s demoncrat party telling it how to destroy us. That they are pathetically stupid and destructive is obvious. Commicrats will find, if they are successful in an over through, that it is they who will die at the hands of the very people they put in office, But you just can’t fix stupid. The left will be left out, dead in the cold. History does repeat itself.

28 days ago
Reply to  Neverbeenadem

When are the citizens of this this country going to rise up and get rid of this EVIL !!

28 days ago

Everyone needs to start demanding the immediate arrest of the entire Biden administration, the faux president, Jill Biden and the family of Joe Biden. If we delay this, much much more serious damage will come to America. Please!

28 days ago
Reply to  Americafirst

Right On! Well said !!

26 days ago


The 212,000+ illegal immigrants at the southern border were not nabbed last month. They were encountered. They willingly sought the CBP to take them to greener pastures, ensuring food, shelter, clothing, medical services, education, and pocket money to boot.

CBP should put them on buses headed to Wilmington, DE and/or Rehoboth Beach, DE and left on the streets for Biden’s gang of Corn Pops to handle. These individuals, violating our sovereignty, should ideally be put in Prisons pending adjudication of their cases. They should not be allowed to work and make a living in society and send the funds to the country they fled from. WHAT FOR.

Collateral advantage, with their incarceration, will be less crime in society.

Just think, these might be the fertile crops for Taliban to harvest.

Barb King
23 days ago

As earth prepares for war, Heaven is preparing for a wedding and I am a part of the wedding; the bride of Jesus Christ. I hope you take the invitation and become part of the wedding party!!

2 days ago

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