President Donald J. Trump huddles with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the United Nations General Assembly on Manhattan, September 24, 2019. Official White House Photo: Shealah Craighead.

NEW YORK — “We will repair our alliances and engage with the world once again,” President Joe Biden pledged in his January 20 inaugural address. He announced on February 4: “America is back. Diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy.”

Despite such loud promises that he would make America’s alliances great again, Biden’s initially foolish, now fatal, Afghan catastrophe has atomized U.S. international ties as if with a MOAB, not least with America’s best friends abroad.

Biden has blitzed the United States’ Special Relationship with the United Kingdom. The US and UK have been BFFs since soon after memories of the War of 1812 faded. America and Britain jointly defeated Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin’s heirs, and al-Qaeda & Co. Uncle Sam has stood shoulder to shoulder with John Bull overseas and proudly advanced common ideals, with Anglophone good cheer.

Biden also inherited the cordiality that President Donald J. Trump enjoyed with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This pair of husky, swaggering conservatives with dramatic blond hair shared an endearing older brother/younger brother vibe and an upbeat, productive rapport. Trump had a highly successful visit to the UK just before D-Day’s 75th anniversary. Queen Elizabeth II welcomed him warmly.

Biden cracked all of this over his wobbly knee.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan revealed this about Biden on August 17, three days after Kabul imploded: “He has not yet spoken with any other world leaders.” Biden’s blackout included Prime Minister Johnson who repeatedly rang Biden and was neither called back nor patched through for a mind-blowing 36 hours. In fact, Biden took Johnson’s call about three hours after Sullivan’s embarrassing admission.

How convenient.

Biden’s failure to communicate with the UK trickled down to the US military. As Steve Swinford reported in London’s The Times newspaper, “Senior [British] military commanders have also not been party to key discussions between the U.S. and the Taliban, so were left in the dark about when they could be forced to pull out.”

The bipartisan rage from across the waves aches the ears of Americans who love Great Britain as much as it must pain the mouths of Britons who love America.

“The abandonment of Afghanistan and its people is tragic, dangerous, unnecessary, not in their interests and not in ours,” former Labour British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrote on August 21. Biden’s calamitous mission “seems almost designed to parade our humiliation,” Blair added. He observed that Biden retreatedin obedience to an imbecilic political slogan about ending the forever wars’…We did it with every jihadist group around the world cheering.

One British Cabinet minister anonymously told The Times, “The U.S. remains by far and away our most important ally, but we are not the U.S.’s most important ally by some stretch.” 

Another minister said: “The US had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the First World War. They turned up late for the Second World War, and now they are cutting and running in Afghanistan.”

This rare, Biden-fueled Anglo-American tension even has infected US and UK ground forces in Afghanistan.

“Allies were not told in advance of the accelerated pull out and were blind-sided when the Americans snuck out of Bagram airbase under cover of darkness,” British journalist Tim Marshall of Reaction reported Sunday. 

Later, according to Marshall, “a blazing row” erupted between a senior officer with the UK’s 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment and a top commander with the US 82nd Airborne Division.

“Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue from the 82nd Airborne ordered the British officer to cease operations outside of the airport perimeter fence because it was embarrassing the American military and angering the Taliban,” Marshall reported. “The conversation allegedly ended when the Maj. General was called a ‘bastard’ by a British Major, and the senior British officer told the American to ‘f*** off!’”

Joe Biden ruined America’s best friendship in record time.

Seven months down, 41 months to go.

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research. Bucknell University’s Michael Malarkey contributed research to this opinion piece.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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22 days ago

Democrap senile Joe Biden, the Putz in Chief, strikes again!

22 days ago

The key relationship he broke is with the American people.

22 days ago

I hope this ends soon.. when people get killed because of people not being able to handle a job it’s a shame to see people killed for dumb mistakes and for no reason at all, like Joe Biden makes every day from the minute he comes out of his basement till he goes back to his basement..

22 days ago

I am Not ashamed of America, but only of the lunatics of the Biden-Harris Administration and the People who voted for (it) him!! Please don’t hate or blame the American People, We The People had our Elected President, Donald J Trump robbed by these Exact Same Politicians that is now trying to totally destroy our Democracy and Freedoms!!

Will Richards
22 days ago
Reply to  Kbar

I’m an Englishman, and I still feel a strong bond with my American cousins. Like you, my disdain and ire lies entirely with dementia Joe and the most corrupt, divisive, hateful, Marxist, dimocrat party in America’s history.

22 days ago

I am sure majority of Americans can’t wait for this Biden/Harris circus to end. Even I myself as a US CItizen, I am ashamed, afraid, disappointed and discouraged of this administration and the members of the democratic party that control the senate and house.

I hope they don’t totally destroy America before the real patriots take back the Presidency, the House and the Senate.

Will Richards
22 days ago

As a concerned Englishman, I have to express dismay and deep regret at the damage the Biden Administration has inflicted on everything it touches, including the traditional and historic ‘special relationship’.

However, I cannot express surprise, since through fair means or foul, Biden is not only the first President to be elected when already so obviously afflicted with dementia, but with a record of being a serial liar, hugely corrupt, a blatant hypocrite, and heading the most hateful and divisive, Marxist dimocrat party in it’s long and shady history. In addition to all of that of course, he has been seen publicly, repeatedly molesting young girls, and has yet to be investigated for sexual assault charges, all of which the biased dimocrat puppets in the mainstream media and the corrupt deep state operatives running the FBI and DoJ, appear to be treating very differently from the shameful manner in which they treated President Trump.

Last edited 22 days ago by Will Richards
19 days ago

Get Jor Biden out of office

18 days ago

36 hours? Biden could have been in a demented stupor for 36 hours. During the campaign he disappeared for weeks. Hell! Maybe he was drunk.

17 days ago

Refreshing to see Tony Blair from the Labour Party and Boris Johnson, a Conservative in agreement about Biden’s deportment, delireum, and dumbness. We could more of that in this country.