Afghans, Americans, and others swarm U.S. Air Force C-17 jet at Kabul International Airport - August 16, 2021. Photo: Morteza Kazemian via Twitter.

Listen as Deroy Murdock discusses the situation in Afghanistan with Annie Frey.

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9 days ago

Mr. Murdock is an astute observer and analyst. His might-have-been scenario is much better than mere Monday morning quarterbacking. Biden & Company have betrayed the American people and especially the American military, not to mention all of our allies in the East. The only factor I fear is unmentioned: the prospect that Mullah Barack Hussein is pulling Biden’s strings behind the scenes, favoring and promoting his Muslim Brothers the Taliban (The JV Team). Right. Let’s just elect some candidate based on his skin color, without investigating his ideological background, or some disingenuous, corrupt simpleton because he sends no mean tweets.

9 days ago

Joe is silent to world leaders. No one has mentioned how eerily silent Obama has been through this entire ‘operation’, not a single comment, even to honor our lost service members. And where is Kamala? Are she and Barack in a bunker planning the next regime?