From the Democrat Party, with love: Members of the Taliban's new Special Badri 313 Force pose with taxpayer-funded US weapons that Joe Biden left behind as a parting gift -- August 19, 2021. Photo via Twitter - @NatSecJeff and @devokidev

NASHVILLE — For better or worse, former President George W. Bush will be remembered for a program called No Child Left Behind.

For worse, and worse alone, President Joe Biden will go down in history as the architect of Every Weapon Left Behind.

While scrambling wildly out of Afghanistan, Biden bequeathed to America’s enemies the Arsenal of Anti-Democracy. Atop seizing Afghanistan in a veritable coup d’état, the Taliban inherited a staggering array of war supplies. The grimy, dusty terrorist scum who hosted Osama bin Laden have become a formidable regional power. And they have Joe Biden to thank.

Biden’s generosity blessed the Taliban with a cornucopia of weapons. This bonanza is jaw-dropping for its assortment and abundance. These armaments were shipped from the U.S. to Afghanistan starting in fall 2001. According to estimates in The Times (UK), the BBC, and The U.S. Sun, this haul includes:

U.S. military combat uniforms

Lightweight helmets, designed to ease communication

Bulletproof, carbon/graphite body armor

Four C-130 transport planes

33 UH 60 Blackhawk helicopters

634 M117 Armored Security Vehicles

8,000 large trucks

16,035 night-vision goggles

22,174 Humvees

25,327 grenade launchers

42,000 pickup trucks and SUVs

64,363 machine guns

126,295 pistols, including .40 caliber Glocks

162,043 radios

358,530 assault rifles


Read the rest of Deroy Murdock’s article at Townhall.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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27 days ago

You know, if Biden is giving such things away, I would gladly take one of the Humvees, a couple of the pistols (and a couple cases of ammo for them), one of the night vision goggles, and one of the non-assault Cessna 208 planes. A rifle or two would be nice (along with a couple cases of their ammo as well). If he’s giving such things to our enemies, then he should be ready and willing to do the same for his own people, right? So, how about it, Slo’ Joe? Care to give your constituents something for the taxes that they are paying for you to arm our enemies?

27 days ago

Nothing like aiding and abetting!!! Isn’t that Treason? 🤔

27 days ago
Reply to  Terry

Should be but he is untouchable!

Mary Carter
26 days ago
Reply to  SusyJones

They all are. They belong in prison. Will never happen. The GOP are scared to death or are on their Marxist rule against Americans. I no longer contribute to a lost cause

LISTEN UP….PREZ BIDEN will NOT LAST LONG. GOD has PLANS for HIM. TRU MP will Become a TRUMPET. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

27 days ago

You had BETTER be right! Deus ex machina is about the only thing that will save us now. And I am not speaking figuratively or literarily.

Lillian Reheusser
27 days ago

When people voted for Joe did they realize that when he said “Build Back Better” he was talking about China, North Korea, Iran, the Taliban and all of our enemies you can name? There is a promise kept. Of course to do this he must destroy the United States and all our allies. And he has amazing partners. Thank you to all democrats and never Trumpers who betrayed our country.

27 days ago

How many American people around the world and here in America are going to die from our own Amercian weapons that CHEATER Joe Biden left them??? Is this proof that CHEATER Joe Biden wants to “create a American Communist Dictatorship with us the American people, his American Communist SLAVES with world terrorists using our American weapon he gave them to do it”??? Who the HELL side is he on ours or theirs anyway??? Most likely theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last edited 27 days ago by Daniel Lee Rhoads
Mandy Martin
27 days ago

Biden has zero idea which team he is on, without explicit instructions! Milley made those decisions. I wonder how much he was paid?

27 days ago

An invitation to come get us! What more can he do to destroy America? Leaving all those American citizens in Afghanistan! If you hate America that much , you need to move to China snd resign before you do anymore damage!

James Richards
26 days ago

The Secret Service should put a Cap in the Worthless Traitor in Illegal Possession of the White House!

26 days ago

On the bright side, sooner or later all those vehicles, aircraft and other high tech equipment, will start to break down and need maintenance.