President Donald J. Trump confers with National Security Advisor Robert C. O'Brien, Esq.

If Trump seeks the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, it almost surely will be his for the asking. I proudly will support him in that effort, especially after Biden’s Afghan mega-disaster confirms that having a reputed bully in the White House sometimes comes in handy.

But what if Trump, who will be 78 at the next presidential election, bequeathed the GOP standard to a new generation of Republican leadership? If so, visualize this 2024 Dream Team:

•President of the United States – Governor Ron DeSantis (R – Florida)

•Vice President of the United States – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R – South Carolina)

•Secretary of State – Robert C. O’Brien (former National Security Advisor)

•Secretary of Defense – Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R – California) (House GOP leader)

•Secretary of the Treasury – Steve Forbes (Veteran free-market advocate; 1996 and 2000 GOP presidential candidate)

•Attorney General – John Yoo (U.C. Berkeley law professor; DOJ alumnus)

•Secretary of Veterans Affairs – John Ullyot (Former spokesman for VA and NSC)

•United Nations Ambassador – Dr. Monica Crowley (Conservative national security scholar and Treasury Department alumna)

•Director of National Intelligence – Ric Grenell (Former Acting DNI)

•Director of Central Intelligence – K.T. McFarland (GOP foreign-policy luminary)

•Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – Ted Ullyot (Former DOJ chief of staff)

•Federal Reserve Chairman – Larry Kudlow (Legendary free-market economist)

•Director, Office of Management and Budget, Steve Moore – (Free-market advocate, economist, and scholar)

•White House Press Secretary – Candace Owens (Conservative firebrand)

•Speaker of the House – Donald J. Trump (45th President of the United States)

This line-up would generate America First policies while somewhat limiting the Left from foaming at the mouth over Trump’s eccentricities.

DeSantis is much like Trump — conservative, intrepid, and combative — but without the distracting Twitter blasts. He also is the highly successful and popular governor of Florida, which likely spins the über-swingy Sunshine State and its 30 Electoral College votes into the GOP column.

Read the rest of Deroy Murdock’s article at Townhall.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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Michael J McLaughlin
2 years ago

If you want a Republican in the White House, you must convince Trump not to run. He is unelectable! Too many of us moderates mourn the fact that he is such a narcissist. If only he had remained quiet and presidential during his term in office, he would have been elected. But NO! He had to snipe at the bait they offered him, giving the press and late-night TV comics a daily buffet of fodder to offer up. If you nominate someone other than Trump for the Republican candidate, you must convince him not to run as a third-party candidate or he will “Perot” the election and give it to the Dems. I liked his policies, but he shot off his mouth and himself in the foot too many times to be elected again.

2 years ago

Wrong Michael…..let Trump be….but if he decides not to DeSantis it’s the next option

2 years ago

Seriously Michael? Personality clouded your judgement over policy and American Democracy? If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

2 years ago
Reply to  Pam

DEMOCRATS are the problem, not Trump. If we don’t come together, we will lose. Four more years of Communist fools is what we should worry about!

Ben Matthews
2 years ago

Sound’s exactly what a “snowflake” would say…do you now 👀 what got ‘installed’ in the WH because you got upset over some mean tweets on Twatter, and are no longer distracted by pseudo-intellectual, ‘sound-bites’ from O’bama❓

Robert Vickers
2 years ago

I totally disagree, he did more for all people of this country than any modern day president, unless you are a lefty , atheist, homosexual or a Democrat.

Candyce Clanton
2 years ago

I have to agree with the following – I think Trump has a very big following and that he would win – after all, we’re talking Kamala??!! But I also think the above list has its merits – especially because of Trump’s age, etc. But Trump knows what to do so having a President that will at least listen to Trump’s ideas would be good but I think DeSantis would be good, but he’d also fight for his own opinion. Not sure which would be right!

john thomas
2 years ago

Do you mean moderates or globalists? Globalists and RINOs are why we are where we are today.

Pat Sharpe
2 years ago

Of 122 candidate races, Trump Endorsed Candidates won 120..!!

2 years ago

So you want him quiet and presidential that is not Trump. He lets us know what is going on, has a sense of humor and loves our country. He also has his own money so does not take money for favors a big plus. Example taking money suppressing voting to stop the torture of
Tennessee walking horses BigLick
Also he has the respect of people from here and abroad.

2 years ago

A good overall picture of a very strong party. Try that with the current Democrat field and see what you get.

Tim Scott is an excellent choice for VP, but there are a half dozen great picks, including one that calls herself a Democrat.

Attorney General needs a prosecutor, not a scholar, I would pick someone like Trey Goudy. A strong South Caroline representation in any cabinet would be nice to see.

I would even pick Donald Jr. as a strong candidate in several areas.

McCarthy as Secretary of Defense doesn’t fit, he is a pure politician and not a Conservative..

It would actually be fun to see just who makes the cut, but first let’s win the race. I doubt we will see diversity driving the choices.

2 years ago

Not a bad Wish List Mr Murdock! Couple of them I would change, but this would put Respect Back to America!! But saying that, ANYTHING WOULD Be BETTER Than WHATS In There NOW!!!!

Candyce Clanton
2 years ago

I like the above list but we’re missing Ted Cruz & I think he should be there – he fights too. I can’t see McCarthy as head of anything – he is a RINO & he wants to be Speaker of the House & that’s why he didn’t want Trump to run for Speaker!! There are a lot of former military entering Congress in 2022 & probably later 2024 so I guess to be Secretary of Defense would be good for someone that knows about DoD – former military? Impressive list just needs a little twitching here & there.

POLLY Woods Dogan
2 years ago

MM, & what have you just Done? Shot off YOUR mouth. Just like all evil democrats, you are too big for your britches. President TRUMP, BESIDE PRESIDENT REAGAN, WAS & IS THE BEST PRESIDENT AMERICA HAS HAD, IN OUR LIFE TIME, CERTAINLY MORE SO, THAN THE COMPLETE IDIOT joe, THAT WAS DROPPED IN THE W H BY china, little man bho, & the deep state, AFTER they STOLE THE 2020 ELECTION.

john thomas
2 years ago

Kevin McCarthy is compromised. He shares his washington house with a hard leftist. and takes their advice. I would do away with the federal reserve.

2 years ago

Got my vote, Trump or no Trump. Trump has been the best president of my lifetime! De Santis is a great candidate, but will he act like a politician? We need more “outsiders” that serve for A limited time and go home. Career politicians, of any party, are not good for our nation.

2 years ago

MJM, sorry he is electable, he just told u the dream team, and it is a winner, u sound like the cry=baby, to me, and hidenbiden isn’t a narcisist, brain=dead zombie, u probably voted this nincompoop in, and maybe u should shut up.

5 months ago

Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.