Deroy Murdock
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24 days ago

Nothing but a bunch of terrorists.

24 days ago
Reply to  Joe

I’m sure you’re referring to the biden/harris Administration!!

24 days ago

No one should have to show proof of vaccination. I don’t agree with the violence, but I do agree with the protest. If asking for ID to vote is considered a violation of civil rights and racist, than CERTAINLY requiring to show private health information to strangers is a VIOLATION of every civil right we have!
No, private businesses do NOT have the right to ask for proof of vaccination, and they do not have the right to discriminate and forbid people to do business with them for not having it. Businesses are not little pseudo governments, and they should not be involved in enforcing political edicts that violate the Constitutional rights of all Americans. If a Christian baker can be shut down for politely refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple because it’s “discrimination,” then how can businesses refuse to serve people based on their medical records? Will we begin requiring hepatitis diagnosis to be revealed before allowing someone into a restaurant? Or HIV positive people? Or anyone with an STD? Because these are all contagious and spreadable diseases, and in many cases an incurable disease that results in death. But no, those are privacy-protected diseases, and lifestyle diseases, and the infected person does not have to reveal their medical status to anyone.

But an illness that has over 99% survival rate is now being used to discriminate against, bully, coerce, and cut off healthy people who are just trying to live their lives and make wise decisions about their own health.

“My body, my choice” does not only count when used to justify killing unborn babies. If it’s not obvious yet that this virus is being used to control and manipulate people, than you are not paying attention. It’s not about health and safety, it’s about forcing obedience to Big Brother Government.

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23 days ago