President Joe Biden, joined by Vice President Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., delivers remarks on the American Rescue Plan on Friday, March 12, 2021, in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)


Americans should be terrified at what Nancy Pelosi is trying to muscle through the U.S. House of Representatives this week.

The Build Back Better Act is a recipe for instant socialism, courtesy of far-Left Democrats who were clamoring to spend $3.5 trillion on this bonanza of tax hikes, new outlays, and fresh welfare entitlements. As if that price tag were not enough, Capitol Hill sources say that the House Budget Committee’s text of this bill costs some $4.3 trillion. That is 23 percent pricier than the original measure, hand-crafted by the comparative fiscal conservative Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s out-of-the-closet socialist U.S. senator. Proving that it’s all relative, House Democrats make Sanders resemble a budget-cutting Ronald Reagan.

This bill offers a crib-to-casket approach to government — from childcare subsidies, to free community college for illegal aliens, to electric-car credits, to Medicare expansion, to an increase in the Death Tax. Whether popping out of the womb or being lowered into the ground, this wretched bill has something for everyone.

The Club for Growth, with which I have collaborated for years, is spending $2 million on ads to influence nine House Democrats who might sink this horrid measure. CFG also targeted Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, a wobbly Republican whose knees might buckle before Pelosi’s proletarian jackpot. 

“Nancy Pelosi and Josh Gotttheimer pick your pocket,” states CFG’s specific ad aimed at voters in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District. “Their spending spree sparked record inflation, driving up prices and eating into the value of your paycheck. Now they are pushing a scam they call ‘reconciliation.’ It’s really a $3 trillion tax hike that could cost your family over $25,000. And, experts warn, its higher investment taxes could slam your retirement savings. Remind Gottheimer he works for you. Tell him to stop Nancy Pelosi’s tax scam.”

“Washington is out of touch with America,” Club for Growth President David McIntosh observed. “Democrats and even some Republicans need to realize that their constituents will roundly reject the out-of-control spending and $3 trillion increase in taxes.”

Taxpayers who find this legislation nauseating should call, e-mail, and/or fax Kinzinger and the nine Democrats whom Club for Growth has identified as persuadable. 

Fax? Really?

Believe it or not, grassroots activists say that transmitting faxes really grabs the attention of congressmen and their staffers. While it’s easy to dismiss a pile of e-mails in an inbox, it’s tough to ignore a stream of pages spewing out of a fax machine in the Longworth House Office Building. Those who still can send faxes should share that joy with these lawmakers.

The House members below should hear from concerned citizens who want Nancy Pelosi’s tax-hiking spend-o-rama to go up in flames. Tell these congressmen to heed the advice of Fox News host and veteran economist Larry Kudlow: “Save America. Kill the bill!”

U.S. House member District D.C. Phone D.C. Fax Email Form
Stephanie Murphy (D) FL-07 (202) 225-4035 (202) 226-0821
Carolyn Bourdeaux (D) GA-07 (202) 225-4272 (202) 225-4696
Adam Kinzinger (R) IL-16 (202) 225-3635 (202) 225-3521
Jared Golden (D) ME-02 (202) 225-6306 (202) 225-2943
Josh Gottheimer (D) NJ-05 (202) 225-4465 (202) 225-9048
Susie Lee (D) NV-03 (202) 225-3252 (202) 225-2185
Vicente Gonzalez (D) TX-15 (202) 225-2531 (202) 225-5688
Henry Cuellar (D) TX-28 (202) 225-1640 (202) 225-1641
Filemon Vela (D) TX-34 (202) 225-9901 (202) 225-9770
Abigail Spanberger (D) VA-07 (202) 225-2815 (202) 225-0011


Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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3 months ago

The dumbocraps attempt to turn America into a socialist utopia, that will destroy this country, is that what Americans want,hell no, kill this bill before iit kills our country.

James Richards
3 months ago

The Democrats Pass this Crap and before it goes into Effect They will be KILLED Every Last Stinking One of Them!

James Richards
3 months ago

The Democrats Pass this Junk and before it goes into Effect They will be KILLED Every Last Stinking One of Them!

James Richards
3 months ago

The Democrats Pass this Junk and before it goes into Effect They will be KILLED Every Last Smelly One of Them!

3 months ago

only a idiot would vote for something like that . of course PEEELOUSI is right there. I more believe a war is more needed than anything at this point . and I still believe what my father always told me the only good commie is a dead commie.

Last edited 3 months ago by american
3 months ago

that’s why we need this civil war and start with DAMOCRAPS.

3 months ago

go raid peelousi ‘s 15$ a pint ice cream she is so proud of . these DAMOCRAPS think it should be not against the law to trespass break into your house when it’s cold get rid of police in some cases that might not be to bad of a idea if they don’t go threw all the stupid laws they have . and kick some asses of overbearing governess that doubles the price of vehicle registration . so he can get fatter. and push poor people off the streets . Illinois has a RETARD for a govenor . all he is worried about is Chicago . and getting his pockets padded . like all the rest of these DAMOCRAPS . PRITZGER is at fault of Illinois dying . he got more commie like raised taxes vehicle registration and people with the money to be able to move did left this pitiful state. and if course those of us don’t have the money to make that move are stuck. with him. there is a lot of crap needs to change I. this country but not the way these idiot ass damocaps want to do things . and they can still stuck their vaccines in their own asses.