White House [Public Domain]


Deroy joins Annie Frey to discuss the disastrous new drug war Joe Biden and his administration are fighting.



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16 days ago

I don’t like the drug price control bill as written, but Murdock is fooling himself if he thinks drug companies spend much money on “research”. Most big drug companies spend 25% or less of operating expenses going toward research, with most of the rest going towards stock buybacks and advertising. After the monopolistic price gouging and patent abuse the drug companies engage in, I have zero sympathy for them.

13 days ago
Reply to  T_L

Wrong, as usual. While about 20% goes to research “most” of the rest does not go to stock buybacks and advertising. 19-20% went to marketing. 18% to profit (which can be used for stock buybacks you apparently hate). Lesson – stock is SOLD by companies to raise capital. It is cheaper than bank debt and has no precise loan payment. So a company can buy it back when it has a profit as opposed to having a fixed loan payment from borrowing – you cannot tell exactly when a drug or invention will go to market and generate a return.

Back to the comment – 20+18= 38% which is not most of the 80% after research. I do not like price gougers, but if you are going to gripe, at least be honest while doing so. Otherwise you look foolish.

13 days ago
Reply to  T_L

I do agree on a few levels. I don’t like drug companies because these drug companies are all in to big profits. Murdock is correct in that R&D wil not exist, which maybe good.
But that is a small part of this bill and this bill really is a wish list for socialist trying to destroy America, trying to control ever aspect of your life. Murdock, talks like Biden actually won this election fair and square. Me I have lots of experience and education but specificially in Research and Statistics and Bden was losing big till the very end, there were many questions and the one audit (AZ) showed many problems and the dems didn’t even follow the law by giving the data, voting machines, the servers, and the list goes on to the auditors. But then of course the courts (law) ruled correctly, with no evidence, against Trump challenges on the election. Total hypocrisy. I can go on but to what end.

Mathew Molk
13 days ago

Example, My wife had a perscription filled at Giant Eagle. – Off the street price was over #300 but the girl at the window ran it through Good RX. The exact same bottle of pills was just over 16 bucks. Not generic, not from a different company, same bottle of pills. Just the way it was billed. Something sinks to high heaven.

Same scam I see all the time on TV for Viagra. Wasn’t it a C-Note per pill? Now they are selling the same pills on television for 90 cents a pop. That is one hell of a lot of development costs there Bubba.