Hands up. Don't shoot! Mitch McConnell surrenders to Chuck Schumer. Photo: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.

Murdock is disgusted with Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky). Here’s why:

Listen below:

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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1 month ago


Sherry Chase
1 month ago

Corruption is Deep within! Past time to Up Hold the Law’s against corruption and Treason and Socialism. Also past time for Arrest and term limits on con-gress. How much $$$$ is enough! Greedy old fools.

Just Thinking
1 month ago

What can I say??? (This video file cannot be played. Error Code: 224003) Every time I turn around MS is updating my computer. My computer won’t let me watch this…I try not to download the updates and it works for a couple days, then my computer starts acting up and the next thing
I know if I restart the computer… I get the update!

Alan Doud
1 month ago

When you start out with Biden got two million people vaccinated never pointing out he was piggy backing on what Trump set up and even a another lie like Biden stepped on a banana peel. You know you can’t trust the rest of the report.