Murdock appears on 'Varney and Co.' on Fox Business to discuss the Biden lie that he is a centrist. via Screenshot

Deroy appears on Fox Business to join Stewart Varney to dispel the myth that Joe Biden is a Centrist.


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1 month ago

Trump Won!!!

Will Richards
1 month ago

Deroy nailed it! The corrupt serial liar-in-chief Biden, is as far left as he is corrupt, and just like the equally corrupt and malevolent old hag Pelosi, he is all about enriching himself and his family at any cost to the country.

I reject all the lies of the far left (I reject lies, period), including the label ‘progressives’, because there is nothing progressive about the left and its hatred for normality, stability, decency, law and order, honesty, tolerance, diversity of thought, patriotism, and truth.

james bolton
1 month ago

globalist puppet, chester biden is not running the country, his globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ is .