Glenn Youngkin talks with voters in Virginia via Wikimedia Commons

Deroy Murdock joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business to discuss Joe Biden and Virginia among other things.



Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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26 days ago

Several things.

First these jerks from the Lincoln Project pretending to be white supremacists, I am so glad that boomeranged on them.
It reminds me of when David French got those terrible threatening letters from “Trump supporters” and that moved him to join the Lincoln project. Did it never occur to him that they never came from Trump siupporters but people pretending to be Trump supporters?

The tactics of the dems these days are all terrible. They accuse conservatives and Republicans of not caring or being destructive. This is pure projection as they accuse others of what they are doing. Everything the left touches becomes a ruin.

And finally, one of two things will happen election night. The Republicans will surprise everyone and win stunning upsets. Or the left will steal the wins by finding enough shoe boxes of votes at the last minute to save the day for their candidates.
But no matter which happens Philadelphia still managed to have the worst DA in America, Krasner, win over his opponent, Peruto by something like 79 to 21.
This proves that there are more criminals voting in Philadelphia for their favored candidate than law abiding citizens.

25 days ago
Reply to  Honey

globalist puppet $oro$ refused to pay the money to dress his libby snow flake sheep in MAGA hats and MAGA shirts so that globalist puppet, fbi CRIMINAL organization could identify them and help them invade the capitol on Jan 6, instead globalist puppet $oro$ purchased them matching clothes at walmart . . . . .

25 days ago

Let’s go Brandon .