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As the one-year mark of Joe Biden’s presidency approaches, his poll numbers should make him weep.

According to a January 12 Quinnipiac University survey of 1,313 adults, Biden’s job approval is an anemic 33 percent; 53 percent of respondents disapprove of Biden’s performance. (One week earlier, a CNBC poll had Biden’s disapproval at 56 percent.) 

Biden’s performance among specific demographic groups should keep the Pepto-Bismol flowing in the White House Political Affairs Office. 

Biden has the support of 57 percent of blacks, down from 85 percent in a May Quinnipiac study; 27 percent of blacks disapprove of Biden’s job. This is an abysmal showing among the Democrat Party’s most loyal voters.

Hispanics are saying “No, gracias” to Biden. His approval is at 28 percent to 51 percent who disapprove. The keystone of the new majority that Democrats have tried to build appears to have fallen out and rolled away.

Independents, also knows as swing voters, are screaming, “Let’s go, Brandon!” Just 25 percent of this indispensable group of citizens back Biden; 57 percent have turned their thumbs down on America’s 46th president.

This could spell horrible news for Democrats in general. A Gallup survey just found that in 2021’s first quarter, 49 percent of Americans identified as or leaned Democrat, while 40 percent were pro-Republican. By the fourth quarter, those numbers had flipped; 42 percent saw themselves Democrats, while 47 percent considered themselves fully or largely GOP. This is the highest level of public support for the Grand Old Party since 1995.

On specific issues, things look no better. According to Real Clear Politics’ average of polls, Biden suffers from 60 percent disapproval on the economy and 72 percent disapproval related to the prices of everyday goods.  

If Biden is steering toward re-election, he will not get there with these dismal numbers. They reveal deep and wide dissatisfaction with Bidenflation, the virtually erased US-Mexico “border,” the Afghanistan catastrophe, record-breaking murders in at least 16 Democrat-run cities, the supply-chain crisis, Biden’s inability to “shut down the virus,” as confirmed by the 1,483,656 new C-19 cases recorded on January 10 alone. 

And much more.

The White House brags that average hourly wages grew in 2021 by 4.7 percent. Great news! Alas, annual inflation is running at 6.8 percent, which means Americans wages are underwater by 2.1 percent, after growing in real terms under President Trump. Real weekly earnings increased a robust 3.4 percent under Trump in 2019, before COVID-19 wrecked everything. Even in 2020, amid the global pandemic, inflation-adjusted earnings grew 1.6 percent. Bidenflation is shrinking wages. At least by this measure, Americans were better off when the Chinese germs were running rampant on Trump’s watch. That is, before COVID ran rampant under Biden’s “leadership.”

Atop these doomsday numbers, the far-Left is starting to jump ship. Consider these comments about Biden from Corbin Trent, former communications director for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D – New York), the darling of the new, neo-Marxist Democrat Party:

“He’s deeply unpopular. He’s old as shit. He’s largely been ineffective, unless we’re counting judges or whatever the hell inside-baseball scorecard we’re using. And I think he’ll probably get demolished in the midterms…People will smell opportunity, and D.C. is filled with people who want to be president.”

That sounds like a threat!

As the Left abandons Joe Biden, his numbers will continue to slump, and his failing presidency will slide between the waves off Rehoboth Beach.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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charles A wilkins
1 year ago

Put the trash out on the street, The Biden’s have made more money unethically, then ethically which accounts for their moral compass being so fxxxed up. The DOJ thinks that they are in business to protect Hunter Biden and father from any invesgations and the FBI is in business do joe’s bidding on school matters not look into interstate robberies of shipping or mail train packages etc. Crime is not on the Biden Adjenda to resolve, more attacks on the cops is, this will cost them in 2022 big time, Democrat run cities Mayors or DA’S have turned their back on crime and attack the police and the tax payors. They just don’t to guve a fxxx about the safety of the American people, opem borders, open drugs sales coming into our Country. Vote them out of office in 2022, they are corrupt and just can’t govern, time for a change in leadership, hold them accountable. Vote them out.

1 year ago

Senile Biden, giggles Kamala, communicaions shill Psaki and their Democrap camp followers are the gang that lies all the time!

Tom Tucker
1 year ago

57% of blacks still approve. Of what, total failure? Yes. They worship failures and felons, so why wouldn’t’ they favor Brandon? After all, he did abandon thousands of Americans in Afghanistan, something they would approve of and he did give homage to black felons who got legitimately killed by police for being felons. Plus, they’re stupid enough to still think dems are going to give them something for nothing. At least Hispanics seem to be finding their brains.