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“We did our part to secure the integrity of the election,” Mark Zuckerberg states in one disturbing sequence in Dinesh D’Souza’s new film 2,000 Mules. Facebook’s multi-billionaire founder boasts about some $350 million that he and his wife donated to a variety of Left-wing, pro-Biden organizations that “secured the integrity” of the 2020 election by giving money directly to local boards of elections in swing states. Chief among these was the Center for Technology and Civic Life.

These massive donations — critics like the Capital Research Center call them Zuck Bucks — came with strings attached: cities were paid to deploy drop boxes to collect absentee and mass-mail-in ballots. No surprise, these receptacles were installed far more in heavily Democrat areas than in GOP strongholds. 

Also, in some locales, representatives of these Leftist groups literally moved into and took over entire election offices. The dinosaur media and Democrat officials were and still are totally relaxed about this meta-outrage, because it advanced Biden’s electoral prospects. This, rather than basic fairness, is their sole concern.

But just ponder, for a moment, if the tables were reversed:

Imagine if Charles Koch of Koch Industries gave $350 million to conservative, pro-Trump activists. Soon, representatives of Turning Point USA and Project Veritas embedded themselves in election offices and literally took command of ballot distribution, collection, and tabulation.

Do you think the Left would sit quietly through that?

It is shocking how deeply these Zuckerberg-financed groups penetrated the process. Mollie Hemingway’s terrifying book Rigged delves into the many ways that Democrats stole the White House in 2020. In just one example of the fraud that gnawed into that contest like termites through a barn, Hemingway discusses Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, a Democrat activist with the National Vote at Home Institute. He essentially ran the election in Green Bay, Wisconsin:

“Emails show that Spitzer-Rubenstein, a non-governmental official who was funded by the Democratic effort, had keys to the central counting facility and access to all the machines before Election Night,” Hemingway writes. “His name was on all the contracts with the hotel hosting the ballot counting.”

Again, a private-sector Democrat activist had the keys to the taxpayer-funded ballot-counting room in Green Bay, in Wisconsin, a swing state that Biden won with a margin of just 20,682 votes among 3,298,041 cast!

Democrats and the Left relentlessly echo the notion that Republicans and the Right peddle “false claims” about egregious fraud in the Biden-Trump showdown. There is nothing false about conservative concerns regarding Democrat activists holding keys to vote-tabulation facilities. If they cannot conceive of how enraged they would feel if, say, Charlie Kirk or James O’Keefe held the keys to the vote-counting rooms in Milwaukee or Detroit, then their blood runs more coldly than dry ice.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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Mary Carter
1 year ago

Hope they’re happy destroying lives a country and of course keeping the all important baby murder. What’s in it for you anyway? The majority of Americans detest the thought of a ” great reset”. Quit begging me to rejoin.

1 year ago

Mr. Murdock, would you buy a used car from this tycoon? Well, I sure as hell wouldn’t! I wouldn’t give him the time of day…I s’pose he has a watch.

1 year ago

And the worst is, we could prove everything we say, The special counsel could prove the guilt of the perpetrators and nothing would happen to them. Somehow they skirt and never go to prison.
And what do they do, these treasonous criminals? They repeat and repeat the big lie that the election was perfect and Biden won easily. They love to say about Trump that he always makes a fool of himself by repeating the falsehood that he won the election. All the left has is lies and projection. They accuse us of what they are guilty of.

4 months ago

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