U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Cristian L. Ricardo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Just as President Donald J. Trump and his supporters suspected, career criminal Hillary Rodham Clinton approved a plan to use Russian-sourced dirt to smear the 2016 Republican Party standard bearer as a Kremlin agent.


The proof that the former first lady and 2016 Democrat presidential nominee was at the center of this intrigue did not come from some anonymous donor, an intern, or a low-level staffer. Rather this news spilled right out of the pretty little mouth of none other than Robbie Mook, Hillary’s campaign manager.


Team Hillary was eager to get its Left-wing media allies to pump up false claims that Trump had a secret communications link with Moscow’s Alfa Bank. Mook testified that he was echoing information passed to him by Democrat election lawyer Marc Elias, then a partner at Perkins Coie, the Democrat firm that engaged Fusion GPS on behalf of Hillary and the Democrat National Committee.


Fusion GPS, in turn, hired former British spy Christopher Steele to excavate dirt on Trump. He trolled Russian sources for anti-Trump disinformation to taint him in the eyes of American voters.


“I discussed it with Hillary,” Mook said on the witness stand at Washington, D.C.’s E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse. Mook added that “the discussion was, ‘Hey, we have this and we want to share it with a reporter.'”

Mook concluded: “All I remember is that she agreed with the decision.”


Mook has no motive to risk perjury to lie about any of this. He is telling the truth, with nothing to gain, and much to lose, by doing so.

Mook testified under oath at the federal trial of Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman. Special Prosecutor John Durham charged Sussman with lying to FBI agents when he lured them into the Trump-Russia hoax’s opening scenes and accused the Manhattan real-estate magnate of having nefarious ties to Alfa Bank. Sussman did this while lying that he approached the FBI strictly as a concerned citizen, not as Hillary’s legal gun for hire.


Had FBI agents known the truth, they likely would have dismissed Sussman as a partisan hack. Instead, they probed his complaint but quickly concluded “there was nothing there,” as former FBI General Counsel James Baker testified last Thursday. “We concluded there was no substance,” Baker said in open court. “We couldn’t confirm it. We could not confirm there was a surreptitious communications channel.”

None of this slowed Hillary’s campaign aides. After discussing this with communications director Jennifer Palmieri, campaign chairman John Podesta, and senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan, Mook forwarded these lies to Slate, which published them.

Once this story emerged, Sullivan, now President Joe Biden’s national security advisor, peddled it for even greater impact.

“This could be the most direct link yet between Donald Trump and Moscow,” Sullivan said in a campaign statement. “Computer scientists have uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.”


Sullivan said the “secret hotline may be the key to unlocking the mystery of Trump’s ties to Russia.”


Hillary then blasted out a Twitter post at 8:36 p.m. on Halloween 2016, showcasing Sullivan’s statement.


Neither Hillary nor Sullivan bothered to tell voters that they concocted and planted the very story that they “discovered” while reading Slate.


Mook’s ratting on the Duchess of Chappaqua confirms Hillary’s and the Democrats’ penchant for psychological projection. Hillary is like a woman who blows her entire paycheck at a roulette table and then thunders at everyone in the casino: “You’re just a stinking pack of gambling addicts.”


The former first lady accused Trump of using Kremlin propaganda to hurt his opponent and interfere with the U.S. election.


What did Hillary do?


She used Kremlin propaganda to hurt her opponent and interfere with the U.S. election.


Hillary Clinton did 1,000 percent EXACTLY what she accused Trump of doing.


This garbage did not stop on Election Night.


Hillary and the Democrats screamed the “Trump is a Russian agent!” lie for three straight years into Trump’s presidency, even though they knew this was a lie.


This even went so far as getting contractors in the White House to penetrate Trump’s server while he was in the Oval Office!


This whole affair triggered investigations by the FBI, the U.S. Senate and House Intelligence Committees, the House Intelligence Committees, and special prosecutor Robert Mueller.


All four of these probes exonerated Trump and his backers, but not before dividing the country and keeping Trump and his entire team distracted and off base. This giant pack of lies eventually collapsed. Precisely as Trump insisted, there never was any Russian collusion.


Democrats and the Left spread total lies for three years, all to undermine the President of the United States and his administration. And Hillary Clinton greenlighted the whole thing.


Lock her up!

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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1 year ago

This is old news!

1 year ago

Hillary is a liar…she the ultimate dishonest pig

1 year ago

She could be tried and face a firing squad for treason

1 year ago


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