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  1. Transgenderism is the New Homophobia

    June 2, 2023 4

    “Stop transing gay kids,” pleads a placard that Gays Against Groomers and others have used to decry the mounting menace of transgenderism, particularly as it…

  2. Deroy Discusses: Target’s Pride Collection

    May 31, 2023 1

    Deroy Murdock Appears on FBN’s ‘The Bottom Line’ To Discuss Pride Displays on Target.

  3. Democrats ignore content of Tim Scott’s character, attack color of his skin

    May 26, 2023 1

    U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R - South Carolina) is running for President of the United States. “Love, unconditional love, binds hearts together,” he declared Monday.…

  4. Deroy Discusses: Black Lives Matter

    May 26, 2023 2

    Deroy Murdock Appears on FBN’s ‘Varney & Company’ To Discuss Black Lives Matter

  5. Deroy Discusses: Tim Scott and Liberals

    May 24, 2023 0

    Deroy Murdock Appears on ‘Fox News Tonight’ to Discuss Tim Scott and Liberals.

  6. “Border” is where Biden’s Normalcy goes to die

    May 22, 2023 0

    Joe Biden became president largely by promising to Make America Normal Again. The shambolic U.S.-Mexico “border” confirms how Biden shattered that promise. There is nothing…

  7. Deroy Discusses: Rep. Bush’s Proposal of $14 Trillion in Reparations

    May 19, 2023 5

    Deroy Murdock Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ to Discuss Rep. Bush’s Proposal of $14 Trillion in Reparations.

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